Photographers vs. Clients Technology Comparison

Knowing your audience and what their goals are is key to designing a successful user interface. At Banti, we have two distinct audiences: photographers, and their customers.

Photographers main goals are to easily upload, edit and exchange comments on albums, while their customers are mainly interested in viewing and commenting on those albums.

In order to make Banti work for both audiences, we closely examined our web analytics and came up with an interface that works well for both groups. We found that most photographers access Banti on high-resolutions desktops, while the majority of their clients view the albums on much smaller screens including mobile devices.

Knowing this, we built the admin panel in such a way that it works well for photographers to upload albums and interact with clients, while on the client side, the commenting view (flip-book) is sized for maximum viewing/commenting with minimal scrolling.

To help you get a better idea of the screen resolutions of most Banti users (photographers and their clients), here's a small infographic comparing the technology side by side.

photographers vs clients technology

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