Do You Know How Well You Did Today?

Emir Plicanic

Are you 100% certain you didn't miss something? A moment or an action that could help you improve? These are simple yet powerful questions that Vosaic can help you answer. Continue reading: Do You Know How Well You Did Today?»

3 Reasons Not To Let Your Customers Pick Images

Emir Plicanic

The most important metric that will determine how successful your album offering is, is the time it takes to deliver it to your clients. Continue reading: 3 Reasons Not To Let Your Customers Pick Images»

The Best Way To Write and Track Album Proofing Emails

Emir Plicanic

When you send an email to your clients to let them know that their album is ready for proofing, your goal is to get their feedback quickly, so you can make changes, order the album, and deliver it as soon as possible. Continue reading: The Best Way To Write and Track Album Proofing Emails»

User Spotlight: Lane Weddings

Emir Plicanic

We asked our long time customer Lane Weddings about his studio. Here are a few things he had to say! Continue reading: User Spotlight: Lane Weddings»

User Spotlight: The Adore Girls

Emir Plicanic

We asked the owner of The Adore Girls Jamie Pfister a few questions about their boudoir photography. Continue reading: User Spotlight: The Adore Girls»

Pregnancy Album Template

Emir Plicanic

Let,s be honest, being pregnant can be hard. And even with the best of intentions, creative ambitions like keeping a pregnancy journal or making a pregnancy album... Continue reading: Pregnancy Album Template»

Standing Out From the Crowd in a World of Wedding Photographers

Jessica Grant

Every couple who is newly engaged gets overwhelmed with ads, articles and opinions on choosing the right photographer for the big wedding day. So differentiating yourself from the many other photographers out there is tough—but it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading: Standing Out From the Crowd in a World of Wedding Photographers»

How to Design a Professional Wedding Album

Emir Plicanic

Here are some tips on how to design a professional wedding album as well as some info on how offering wedding albums to all your clients can improve your bottom line. Continue reading: How to Design a Professional Wedding Album»

InDesign For Wedding Photographers

Emir Plicanic

Professional wedding photographers often find themselves caught in a pinch between providing excellent products and services—and trying to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Naturally, wedding albums fall into this category. Continue reading: InDesign For Wedding Photographers»

Why Fast Album Turnaround is Good for Business

Khara Plicanic

Who would’ve guessed that something as simple as speeding up your album turnaround time could be so helpful to your business? The truth is, it can make a sizeable difference. Continue reading: Why Fast Album Turnaround is Good for Business»

The Importance of Deadlines

Khara Plicanic

We live in a deadline world. With so many things competing for our time and attention, having a deadline in place is often the only way to prioritize tasks and make sure they get done.... Continue reading: The Importance of Deadlines»

Why Use an Album Proofing Solution?

Khara Plicanic

With so many tools already in your photography arsenal, you might be scratching your head wondering why you would want to add another one. But—if you're a wedding photography veteran with a fair amount of album designing under your belt, you know how frustrating the album proofing process can be without a simplified solution. Continue reading: Why Use an Album Proofing Solution?»

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